Yoga Playlists from Tucson Yoga Teachers: Yin to Flow

Sandra Turner aka Elektra Tek

DJ Elektra Tek (Credit: Grennell Media)

Looking for the perfect yoga playlists to complement your practice? Look no further than our local yoga community.

Usually, flow mixes begin with slow tracks to help you warm up. Somewhere in the middle, they peak with more upbeat tracks. A good flow playlist lands you somewhere soft to cool down. Finally, it will end with a track for a nice, deep savasana.

Alternatively, mellow playlists are on the ambient, slow side of the spectrum. These lists are perfect for slow flow, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and even a musical meditation.

Whatever vibe you are looking for, one of these yoga playlists will meet you where you are.

Flow Yoga Playlists

DJ Elektra Tek shares her signature deep house yoga grooves on her track “Innervision”. Infuse your flow practice with gratitude, rhythm and love. Listen to lists from Lakshmi Dev, Erica Godoy, Melissa Cohn, Johnna Warren and Amber Anna, Grounded Wellness owner.

Mellow Yoga Playlists

Playlists by Gabrielle Pietrangelo and Ashley Celeste, Tucson Yoga teachers, are cultivated specifically for Yin Yoga practice. Also, enjoy some mellow yoga vibes from Alicia Renee. Next, try a relax list by Tanja Bungardt-Price. Lastly, enjoy another special track from DJ Elektra Tek for deep meditation.

Sometimes silence is the best playlist. Tune in to the sounds around you any time. Use one of these playlists. Maybe make your own. Feel free to drop your playlist link in the comments for others to enjoy.

For tips on getting started, check out our article Yoga at Home.

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