Yoga at Home: 9 Tips for Practicing on Your Own

Yoga at Home

Making time for yoga at home is the best and quickest way to deepen and personalize your practice. One of the biggest challenges for many people is time. Our day-to-day life can feel so busy and full.

Since most of us are social distancing due to the corona virus, yoga at home can help you remain calm and centered. You may find making time for yourself in this crazy time to be essential to your well-being.

To help you get started we’ve compiled nine tips for practicing yoga at home. Additionally, we gathered advice from local Tucson yoga teachers.

Beginners check out these online classes with local Tucson yogis.

Just Do It!

First off, all of the following suggestions are helpful. Ultimately, you just need to show up and decide to practice yoga at home. The only thing required for your practice is your presence.

Just start. You don’t need all the props or the perfect playlist. Just be present in your body and move organically. Follow your breath and notice your body, your mind. Be curious. Be compassionate.

Pam Ronstadt, Radiant Spirit Yoga

Prepare for Yoga at Home

It is true that you only need yourself to practice. However, whatever you want to use should be set up and ready to go. Gather the things you want to use ahead of time. There are a lot of household items you can use in place of yoga props. While it is not necessary to have props or play music, decide ahead of time so you can stay on your mat once you start.

Pick a Comfortable Space

Dedicating an entire room to your practice is great but many of us do not have that kind of space. Find a place that is well-ventilated where you can lay your mat out. Distractions are part of life. Learning to work with them will strengthen your practice over time. That said, if you can find a quiet peaceful place to practice, all the better.

A dedicated space, memento or two or even aroma, that is integrated into the ritual can generate a sacred space for home practice. You know our mats got a lot of mojo themselves!

Vanessa Rae Gomes, Vanessa Rae Gomes Yoga & Essential Oils

Use Ritual

Whatever space you have a routine that makes you look forward to practicing will help you return again and again. Feed your senses with pleasant sound and scent. For example, light an incense or ring a singing bowl. Consider saying a prayer or beginning with a thought of gratitude. Whether you are doing walking meditation, Yin Yoga or Vinyasa, establishing a short ritual will let your body/mind know each time that you are about to practice yoga at home.

Safety First!

Don’t force or push your body. Warm up and go slowly at first. Be kind to yourself above all else. Yoga is about listening to your body – which can be challenging for a beginner. Start with just a little bit of yoga at home and see how your body feels the next day. Think of your practice as a dialogue with your body. Also, seek instruction from experienced as needed.

Schedule Your Yoga at Home

Making time for practice is a choice. If you add it to your calendar and return weekly, or better yet, daily, you will be more likely to do yoga at home on a regular basis.

Set a regular time. My teacher Sat Inder actually gave me a great tip today, set up the space and mat in the evening before you go to bed for the next morning.

Tanja Bungardt-Price, Ananda Ayurveda Wellnes & Yogalish

Don’t Skip Meditation

Put meditation at the beginning of your practice to ensure you make time for it. You don’t have to meditate long. You can do it lying down. Try observing the breath for three minutes. If you have time and are in the zone, meditate for longer at the end as well. Yoga without meditation is really just an exercise class (nothing wrong with that, but to get the full benefits of yoga we have to also work with the mind).

Move to the Music

Not everyone likes to practice to music. It is certainly not a requirement but for many, it can help tune you into your body. (see what I did there?) In all seriousness, music is a powerful force and there are no rules! You may want to check out some of these playlists from local teachers but you can also throw on Drake’s new album or flow to Dark Side of the Moon.

Just lay out the mat and turn on your favorite music. Start with poses you know and let it naturally unfold into movement your body feels and needs. Before you know it, your practice grows deeper and time on the mat lengthens into an entire strand of pearls. It’s a beautiful way to practice and listen.

Karen Rose Callan, Rosa Yoga

Yoga at Home or Off the Mat

Sometimes the best way to practice yoga at home is to get out of the house and do something else! Hiking and yoga is a fantastic option. Ultimately, the point of practice is to live your yoga.

Practice dirga pranayama (3-part breath) while taking a walk or making dinner, nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) while on a conference call…or taking a bath, simhasana (lion pose) while watching TV. If you like to hike, pause at a wide spot in the trail to do some asana or meditate. The top of the trail to Montrose Pools in Catalina State Park is nice for either. Your backyard works too. Be creative about your how and where.

Melissa Cohn, Tucson Yogi writer & local yoga teacher

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