Amanda Freed: Author of Divinely Flawed & Wildly Amused

Tucson author and yoga teacher, Amanda Freed

Looking for a little inspiration for your practice? You’ll want to pick up this book by Tucson yoga teacher and author Amanda Freed.

Amanda was born in New York to a middle-class Jewish family. While her family was not spiritual at all in contrast, she always felt a deep relationship with the spiritual space. Hence she has studied with Native American tribes, yoga scholars and Buddhist teachers. Amanda is a licensed massage therapist, energy healer, meditation and yoga instructor with over 30 years of experience.

When I gave up the idea of fitting in and dedicated my life to learning and living on the deepest and highest levels I could is when I found my bliss.

What is Divinely Flawed & Wildly Amused about?

This book is inspired by the idea that before you can be of service to, or in relationship with, anybody else, you have to turn in and connect deeply with yourself. It is a collection of beautiful, original photos and inspirational quotes. Quotes include topics like telling your truth, protecting your energy reserves, holding space and your story.

Divinely Flawed & Wildly Amused by Amanda Freed

Divinely Flawed & Wildly Amused by Amanda Freed (credit: Ashley Celeste Leal)

Who should read it?

Everybody! This little book can help when you need perspective on boundaries, indecision, communication and offers a heaping helping of self-compassion. The quotes and photos offer moments of calm and can quickly bring you back to rational thinking and balance. I feel like everybody can find a few quotes they can relate to on any given day. It makes a great gift or coffee table decoration too.

What was your reason for writing it?

Over many years of teaching yoga, I honed the skill of being able to take a huge concept that I’d use as an inspirational theme for a class and whittle it down to a short paragraph or even a sentence. My students loved these little inspirations before class and so I thought why not condense them into a book? Then I decided to add beautiful images from my travels that inspired me to infuse a multi-sensory dimension to the teachings.

I also do presentations and speaking engagements on meditation, self-compassion and mindfulness and students love to be able to take home a piece of those teachings and give them to friends as heartfelt gifts. Life can be hard and confusing; I love to support people on their journeys and maybe ease their way a bit. Let’s face it, folks are in pain and the nature of my life’s work is to help them heal.

What is one thing you hope people take away from reading your book?

A moment of calm and beauty. I hope people become inspired to set better boundaries and in essence love themselves a little more. People can learn to be wildly amused when they f*&% up and take life and themselves less seriously. The idea is for readers to return again and again to their favorite quotes, share them and show up in the world as the lights they are.

I hope you are wildly amused by your imperfections. I hope you are in love with the person you are. The universe has created each of its beings as divinely flawed.
-Divinely Flawed & Wildly Amused, 2018

Do you have plans for another book?

Yes! Look for my next book, Breaking the Monkey Mind Myth, out in 2019. This one will be totally different. It will be about the nature of the myths behind meditation and how we can all overcome them and become meditators, finally and easily.

Amanda Freed

Amanda Freed (credit: Ashley Celeste Leal)

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