5 Reasons We Are Grateful for Ashtanga Yoga & Why You Should Try It

Kiana Clarke - Josh Mongerson

The five reasons we are grateful for Ashtanga Yoga may be the reasons you should try it. We are always encouraging our friends and fellow yogis to explore this practice for themselves.

We both began practicing yoga a few years ago. It was not until this past year that we ventured into Mysore, a self-directed and instructor-facilitated form of Ashtanga Yoga. Instantly, we began to see changes that benefitted many aspects of our lives.

Ashtanga Yoga Gets Us Up Early.

J- Practicing yoga first thing in the morning can be difficult, but fortunately, afterward we feel amazing and energized for the whole day. By the way, a little cafecita before heading out the door is helpful.

K- How often has it happened that the day gets too busy, and that pocket of time you had carved out for yourself suddenly disappears? By dedicating early mornings to practicing yoga, the day always begins with self-care.

Ashtanga Yoga is Always What Our Bodies Need.

J- Whether it’s my knees or my hips, my body always feels sooooo much better after I practice. Ashtanga Yoga introduces you to every part of your body, you’ll become good friends.

K- The discipline of practicing Ashtanga Yoga is regularly making it onto the mat. Once there, it’s whatever the body needs. Whether it’s a physically challenging practice or taking legs up the wall for half an hour, we get this time to truly listen to what our bodies are telling us.

Josh Mongerson Paschimottanasana

Josh Mongerson (Credit: Janelle Montenegro)

We Are So Flexible!

J- Tell your tight hamstrings adios, they will be history soon. From all the forward bending! Ashtanga Yoga stretches every part of the body, not just the hamstrings, so be prepared to impress your friends with your flexible hips.

K- We store tension in our muscles – this is no secret. The poses in the Ashtanga Yoga series encourage lengthening while engaging. This combination is a way to stretch without over-lengthening and strengthen without over-contracting.

We Are Healthier.

J- From sun salutations on day one I could tell Ashtanga Yoga was going to stretch and strengthen my body. I always feel better after class and I have more physical strength than ever before in my life.

K- Practicing Ashtanga Yoga made me much more aware of how my body feels. This directly applied to one of my favorite topics: food. Healthy food has become more and more appealing because of the energizing feeling it brings.

Kiana Clarke-Crow Pose

Kiana Clarke (Credit: Janelle Montenegro)

We Are More Mindful in Our Daily Lives.

J- When I am on my mat, I try to only think about one thing: breathing. The aim of Ashtanga Yoga is to be aware of the breath at all times during the practice, noticing whenever your mind is elsewhere. I adopted this practice into my day-to-day life. It encourages me to reflect more on my thoughts and how they might be influencing my mood or behavior.

K- The combination of waking up early, making it onto the mat and listening to my body each day brought some pretty wonderful benefits to my life. It made me more aware of sources of stress in my life, the food I eat, how much sleep I get, the cleanliness of my environment and so much more.

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