Grounded Wellness in Tucson: Grow Roots, Do Yoga

Grounded Wellness Teachers
Grounded Wellness Teachers (Credit: Pat Albuquerque)

Grounded Wellness is one of the only non-profit yoga studios in Tucson. They have a mission and it’s simple: create a safe space for yoga, mindfulness and social justice.

Amber Grafe started Grounded Wellness through a series of random events. She has slowly expanded to include more teachers and classes.

It’s been five years and I’m stoked to see what unfolds in the next five years!

Amber Grafe, Grounded Wellness founder

The Early Days of Grounded Wellness

During her teacher training Amber started teaching a friend in her living room every Wednesday night to practice. After a while, they extended the invitation. Before they knew it there were seven students a week in her living room. They’d practice and then have yummy craft beers on Amber’s back porch and catch up.

Amber Grafe
Amber teaching at her house (Celesteal Photography)

One of the students was Lisa Cardanes, the owner of Haunted Hands, a tattoo studio. She asked Amber if she would be interested in teaching out of the Haunted Hands studio space. She said that she was moving to a larger space in the Metal Arts Village and a place called Tucson Hop Shop was moving in.

Lisa designed a logo and Amber incorporated Grounded Wellness as a legit business. She added another class on Friday and kept having craft beers after class. Tucson Hop Shop liked the idea and agreed to give students $1 off a beer after class.

Ernesto, Amber’s partner, came up with the idea of selling $20 punch cards so students who come a lot would only have to pay $4/ class. Eventually, other teachers came along and Grounded Wellness expanded.

Grounded Wellness class at Haunted Hands (Credit: Celesteal Photography)

Social Justice

Grounded Wellness teachers started doing a lot of donation classes to benefit various social justice movements. They applied for 501(c)3 status and now they are a non-profit organization. They have raised money for over a dozen organizations to date.

Grounded Wellness is one of just a few studios to host All Bodies Rise Yoga on Tuesday evenings with Emma Bell. In the spirit of challenging the paradigm in which no body is ever good enough, All Bodies Rise Yoga offers an opportunity to reconsider personal and social myths about beauty, and redefine narratives about our bodies. 

Grounded Wellness Now

The classes at Grounded Wellness combine elements from Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow while concentrating on the breath and alignment. Each teacher has their own style (right down to their playlist). Classes are designed to be challenging, accessible and provide options for beginners and experienced practitioners.

Amber is a mental health therapist and will be bringing her therapy practice under Grounded Wellness in the future. They also envision bringing more healing practitioners on board (massage, acupuncture, etc.) and expanding to another location that can contain a holistic wellness center.


  • New Students: First class free
  • Drop-in: $5
  • Passes: 5 classes/$20


  • Monday-Thursday 7-8pm
  • Thursday 8:30-9:30am
  • Friday 6:30-7:30am
  • Saturday & Sunday 10:30-11:30am

Grounded Wellness is located at 3230 North Dodge Boulevard, Studio C

More information at

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