CBD & Yoga: An Interview with Zoe Rose Lambert

CBD and Yoga classes are among the latest unique experiences being offered in Tucson.

Meghan Fenton sat down with Zoe Rose Lambert of Sonoran Apothecary to learn more about how her local business is using CBD-based products to meet the needs of her expanding base of customers.

CBD is making the headlines on a daily basis. It’s often marketed as a beneficial tool for a variety of health concerns and some even make bold and unsubstantiated claims that CBD is a cure-all for diseases like cancer. For many, CBD is shrouded in mystery: is CBD the same as marijuana? Does it cause a “high?” Is this even legal?

Tell me about Sonoran Apothecary and what your business offers our local Tucson community.

About one year ago I started a blog about CBD. I began to make CBD-based products for my dad. Before he passed away, he suffered from a lot of pain and CBD helped him. From there, I began to make connections through Instagram and my business grew. I now make topicals and tinctures with CBD mixed with my own proprietary blend of tea and herb infusions and offer workshops incorporating my products. In 2019 I’m looking forward to opening up an online website to sell my products and offering more regular workshops.

What led you to open up this type of business?

My parents led a very natural lifestyle so I have always been around that. Growing up they taught me about flower essences, Chinese medicine, tofu. etc. I was vegan until around age seven. For the past 10 years, I have worked in related industries like Seven Cups here in Tucson and a hemp extraction company, so this is a passion.

It’s great because now I get to share my business with my parents. My dad used the topicals multiple times a day and my mom uses my products as well. We like to sit and drink tea together and chat. We have a close relationship. Beginning Sonoran Apothecary was nerve-wracking at first but now I can say this is the most fun I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to expand.

What is CBD?

CBD is a molecule that can be derived from hemp or cannabis. CBD extracted from cannabis is only available in medical/recreational pot shops and the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) can be at any ratio; you will feel a high. CBD extracted from hemp contains THC at small levels of around 0.3 or less and most will cause you to feel relaxed but not high.

For my products, I use a concentrated hemp isolate which is non-psychoactive and legal to buy and sell. It is a flavorless, odorless powder that I can mix easily. It’s tested for potency and contains no THC, heavy metals, etc.

What are the benefits of using CBD? Is it safe?

Yes, but I always recommend that you check with your doctor. Studies so far show improved sleep, reduced pain and less anxiety, among other uses. The FDA just approved CBD-based EPIDIOLEX which helps manage seizures. My personal mission is to be honest about what we know CBD can do. Be realistic with your expectations. Many companies are banking in on the boom and making claims. We don’t know yet the full power of CBD. If a company says CBD can cure cancer, stay away.

Are CBD products just a fad or is there more longevity?

Both. For example, there is now CBD-infused mascara which is more of a fad. I hope the crazy claims die down as we have clarity on the uses. Hemp, in general, is a crop that can be used in many ways. We are seeing more use with athletes. I hope to work with gymnasts one day. It’s my favorite sport. I see CBD being a huge benefit for athletes in recovery, reducing inflammation. These types of uses have longevity.

Why did you decide to merge CBD and yoga?

I lived in Seattle for a few years. I did a yoga teacher training in 2016 with 8 Limbs Yoga. It was an all-women led program that focused on meditation and yoga safety. My final project was to create a weed-infused yoga class.

After moving back to Tucson I had the idea to combine self-massage with CBD salves into yoga classes. You get the experience of both yoga and CBD. I want to make this accessible to all ages. Someone like my mom is my ideal candidate. She has done yoga before but doesn’t want a pot-powered flow! She wants to relax and take care of herself. That’s what I’m offering in these workshops.

Zoe Lambert (Credit: Teresa Castro)

What was your first experience with yoga?

My first personal experience was attending Tucson High School. They offered yoga as a class and I enjoyed it. Prior to that, my parents were yogis and introduced me to meditation as a young child. I have some pretty vivid memories of this.

How would you recommend people incorporate CBD and yoga?

Experimentation is important. There are great benefits to combining the two. Take CBD 45 minutes in advance of sitting to meditate. You could take the tincture, flow for 30 to 45 minutes and then sit and be very relaxed.

Finally, (and I think I know the answer!) do you use CBD?

(Laughing) Yes! All the time! My fiancé does too. I use both the tinctures and topicals all the time. I especially like them after a hike to rub on my knees or during or after yoga. It is a part of my daily routine.

01oct6:00 pm7:30 pmDeeply Restorative Yoga Enhanced with CBD6:00 pm - 7:30 pm BodyQuest Pilates

Purchase Sonoran Apothecary products locally at The Ninth House, BodyQuest Pilates, Tucson Herb Store, Food Conspiracy Co-Op and Blue Oak Clinic.

More info at sonoranapothecary.com

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